Robin works on a contract basis for the consulting services listed below.  Her current rate for consulting work is $85/hour.  MTLA members receive a $5/hour discount.  Rush and/or projects requiring work over a holiday are subject to a higher fee.  Her current rate for direct client representation is $160/hour.  Flat-fee and contingency fee arrangements may be considered.  If extensive travel is required, mileage reimbursement will be charged at the current state rate.      



The following list of consulting services is not exhaustive.  To submit a project or to inquire about a specific project that is not detailed below, please email Robin at or contact her by telephone at (406)442-8317.


Legal Research

Includes both online and traditional library research services. 


Factual Research

Includes all types of factual research: locating witnesses, witness interviews, business information research, securing public records, medical/scientific research.


Legal Writing/Briefs

Includes all types of legal writing: research memos, trial court pleadings, motions and briefing, appellate briefs, amicus curiae briefs.  Also includes editing and citechecking services.


Jury Investigations

Includes discrete pretrial investigation of potential jurors and/or post trial investigation of jurors, along with a written report summarizing findings. (federal court investigations done in accordance with Local Rule 48.1). 


Document Review

Includes reviewing, organizing, chronologizing, and/or synopsizing documents in preparation for litigation, privilege review or related to due diligence review.



Includes all court, administrative, or deposition appearances.